A 山寨 in the country: five days in upstate New York

巴里 和 I were teenagers when we met. I was 16. He was 18.我们在Gap工作。一世 did part-time hours firstly at the Gateshead branch 和 secondly Cardiff, while 我曾是 a student until I graduated 22岁。在那工作的六年中,我结交了一些我最挚爱的朋友。它’甚至在我遇见我丈夫的地方!

在里面 24 months that 巴里 和 I worked together we, 和 several others 成为快速的朋友。那是我一生中最美好的时光之一。没有责任没有人回答。我们面前的一切。一种社交生活。这只是 fun, fun fun. I remember 巴里 和 I would 在Intermezzo纽卡斯尔我们最喜欢的咖啡厅度过了八大胜app小时– where we’d talk headily about the things we were going to do with our lives. 巴里 said he was going to be a fashion designer 和 move to New York City. 我曾是 going to be a magazine journalist 和 write for Vogue.

当我确实成为一名记者时,最终成为南威尔士的一名法院记者 – a job which I loved and still 有时miss to this day – 这与我那本光鲜的杂志工作相去甚远’d梦想着长大。 Barry however, actually went 和 做了他打算要做的事情。到22岁时,他已经住在纽约’s East Village 和 designing for Armani. A year later he went on to work at Ralph 劳伦, where he has been for more than ten years, working his way up to the Vice President design role he has today.

I’m so proud of him. And I love telling people his story because it really is inspirational. A talented designer, having come to the end of his degree 和 achieving a First Class Honours he had the opportunity to go on 和 study further on one of the UK’最负盛名的时尚大师 在伦敦的课程。在接受他的位置之前,他决定去纽约试水,因为他知道’s where he wanted to be 和 in his mind, 他越早实现这一目标越好。因此,他拿了自己的作品集,预订了从伦敦出发的48小时往返行程, sleep on a friend’s sofa in Manhattan for the two nights he was there, 和 he literally door stepped a few carefully selected design houses 和 asked to show them his work. Those two days changed his life. Within three months he was living there 和 designing for Armani.

So what of us 和 our friendship since he made the transatlantic move 和 went 和 got himself a teensy bit of an American twang 😉 ? Well, I’我去过那里和他在一起 a whole host of times. He has shown me New York through the eyes of a local, 和 I think that’s why I’我被那个城市迷住了。他 来参加我的维加斯婚礼。我去了汉普顿的他三十号(我知道,我知道– I promise I’我没有炫耀’s not my fault he’s so damn 极好!)。我们甚至可以连续几个月不发送电子邮件,但是彼此之间只有两分钟’s company 和 it is as if time has stood still.  That’s when you know it’友谊,对不对?那’与我所有最好的朋友的共同点–无论我们上次见面以来经过的时间如何,我们都可以继续进行下去。

巴里 had talked about buying a place out of New York City, upstate for a few years. He wanted a fixer upper. He grew up on a working farm 和 isn’t afraid 和 in fact loves the challenge of hard work.

大约18个月前,他找到了那个。‘An 1830’s cottage’ he said, when he emailed me about it. And he still calls it that. And technically it is. But 当我 picture a 山寨 UK style – it doesn’看起来像这样!所以不要’t be fooled. His house is 血腥的巨大!而这个美丽的世界。


img_4341他买时是贝壳。状况不可怕– but unloved. Not much to it. The photos that 巴里 showed James 和 I of 他第一次搬进来时的情况 have little to no resemblance of the home it is today. He has transformed it. Single-handedly from the plumbing to the tiling, 和 of course the impeccable styling. 巴里 has done everything himself. The house 和 its garden are his pride 和 joy 和 so they should be – it is like nowhere I’曾经或曾经见过,更不用说有幸住了五个光荣的夜晚。



Oscar was in his element. With a huge garden 和 an acre of land, he had the run of the place 和 was genuinely the happiest 和 most content he has been in his entire 我们在那里的时候很少的生活。


img_4387巴里 made us omelettes for breakfast every single day, not to mention delicious dinners every night which we ate in the garden, before drinking wine 和  toasting marshmallows under the stars 和 by the fire. It was actual bliss.


在康涅狄格州附近,我们花了很多时间参观主要跨越边境的附近风景如画的城镇– Kent being one of my favourites – with Barry showing us his go to weekend haunts 和 brunch spots as well as visiting open gardens 和 huge flea markets.



As an aside, 巴里 also has his own rather brilliant business, William &Edward Mercantile,您可以找到更多有关 这里, where amongst a lot of other things, he makes 和 sells the most 华丽的蜡烛 –您可能会说完美的圣诞节礼物;-)。 And as the designer, gardener, businessman 和 general cool cat that he is, I decided to take the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his inspiration 和 renovation journey, below. But first 这里’这是我拍摄的五天最新状态的一部小电影:

音乐: 被小孩子摔倒

设计师’s home: Q&A with 巴里 Jordan

  1. How did you know the 山寨 was the one?: 一世’d been searching for two years and the more I saw the more 我曾是 aware of what I did 和 didn’t want. When I found the 山寨, it ticked all of the boxes. The only thing which bothered me is the road it is on – but it’s a quiet road, 和 everything has a compromise.
  2. 当您时,您的第一要务是什么’d sealed the deal 和 were handed the keys?:哦天哪,那天真是太模糊了!我只记得在想‘我到底怎么了?’我想接下来是开始调查诸如天花板之类的东西,看这是否是我希望在下面使用的东西。
  3. 您’ve restored 和 renovated your 山寨 single-handedly. How has that been?:它’s been amazing! It’s been so refreshing to be able to make all of the decisions, to be able to get on with it 和 trust my instincts in terms of how things will turn out. In corporate design, everything is a conversation – a discussion – 和 so much energy is used to convince someone to understand your vision. Whereas when something is yours you can just get on with it. Don’别误会我,有些时候你精疲力尽,希望有人在那里帮你– but I have been lucky enough to pull in friends 当我 can 和 当我’ve needed to.
  4. 什么 ’是您最好的部分?: The best part has been creating 和 building something that is all my vision. The only compromise has been financial, but I’m pretty good at getting around that 和 achieving what I want.
  5. 什么 ’是最大的挑战?: Finding the time to get it all done. There is never enough time in the weekend or 当我’m off work and I have to balance the time I do have between friends 和 family 和 my passion to just get on 和 work on the project. In an ideal world I could throw myself into it 和 not worry about anything else, but this is real life. And also the physicality of it all sometimes –铸铁管,旧石膏–自行删除可能会很累人。我需要更好地寻求帮助,但是我’我是八大胜app节俭的农民,所以如果你能自己做的话–为什么要向某人支付您可以做的事情?
  6. 什么 ’s your favourite part of the 山寨 和 what are you most proud of?: 我的最爱–这么多的事情!我大部分时间都在这里度过。和朋友一起’s alive 和 fun 和 why I wanted to do it in the first place. But then there are also those quiet Sunday evenings 当我’如此满足,我可以捏自己。能够在整个周末在花园里工作真是幸福。
  7. 什么 is your favourite room?:这是八大胜app棘手的问题!但是我刚刚完成了八大胜app带有这些印刷面板的石墨灰色房间。它’s dark 和 dramatic, but calm 和 quiet. It was one of my more adventurous ideas 和 it just came together so well, 和 it makes me want to try more new creative ideas. That would be my favourite room this week 🙂img_4368img_4366
  8. 用五个字形容您的房屋风格吗?:折衷,诚实,轻松,家常& personable.
  9. 您从哪里得到灵感?:无处不在。书籍,杂志,建筑,跳蚤市场,博物馆,旅行。一世’m always thinking 和 looking 和 imagining what could be good where 和 with what. My mind never stops!
  10. 任何想要翻新定影液的人–您会给他们什么建议?: Have a plan. Know what you want to do 和 what the end goal is. Anything can be achieved if you plan it out with good research 和 then hard work. Know yourself. Know what you can do realistically 和 when you are going to need to get help. Also, perfection is the creativity killer. Do the best you can on the budget you have 和 then move onto the next project. And therein lies the secret – just keep going! Those times when it all goes wrong 和 you’re exhausted -pause. Then finish it the best you can 和 move on. For the most part it all works out. If not…打电话给我-
  11. 告诉我们你的花园:我的花园是我的激情。我喜欢的房子,但是我在那所房子的骨头里工作。花园是一片田野,花园不是一时的事。在小屋中,您可以粉刷八大胜app房间并添加合适的家具和它’是八大胜app全新的空间。花园需要时间和多年规划。有八大胜app元素是您无法控制的–天气和生长季节。所有这些使它变得既充满挑战又充满乐趣。有时候我希望一年会过去,所以我可以看到明年的情况,但是与此同时,你不会’希望时间过去,因为在接下来的12个月中还有很多事情要做。一世’我不是速生园丁,我喜欢培育植物并进行维护。玫瑰就是八大胜app很好的例子。人们一次又一次地说‘玫瑰是挑剔的竞技场’t they?’ –但是他们只需要一些食物和注意力,它们会极大地回报您。如果你’不准备这样做,那我想继续前进。对我来说’没有什么比盛开的玫瑰更好–在那里你可以切花,然后几个星期 更多。另外,花园是我最难离开的地方 when I’在一周中工作,因为每天晚上您可以做很多事情,而且在季节变化中也可以看到。您需要与花园一起居住更长的时间,以查看空间需求。从山丘到古树–所有这些都定义了什么将在哪里工作。一切都在演变。没有比一天更令人满足的了’s gardening.img_4381
  12. 什么 ’s next?: 一世’我不断做梦(aren’t we all!). I dream of full time gardening 和 renovating 和 helping people create great spaces, but not on a crazy budget. I’我总是在寻找另一所房子来修理– but there’s always a budget 和 there’s never enough time.
  13. 告诉我们关于威廉& Edward Mercantile:威廉和爱德华是我激情的延伸。它’在这个地方人们可以看到我的工作,了解过去的项目,然后伸出援手寻求自己项目的帮助。它还具有零售生活方式元素,但是如今这些工作做得如此繁重,以至于我希望它能更多地涉及人并成为体验的一部分。例如–体验就是你的家。让’将您的家聚在一起,而您’重新参与,我真正相信您会爱上它。一世’m还销售蜡烛和制作完美的园艺手提袋,其中包括出售葡萄酒。我还有很多其他想法 and 当我有更多时间 I’ll explore them. I want to share the things that I love to make 和 that adhere to my approach to design, which is honest 和 value driven. I think everybody should have a home they love without having to spend a small fortune, but they have to want to put the work in for it.
  14. 您 document what you’re doing with your 山寨 和 garden on your Instagram @william_and_edward. 什么 ’s your Instagram的的 style?:我尝试始终对正在发生的事情表现出真实的眼光。我认为社交媒体正变得越来越不现实。’的生活。我发布的照片​​永远是我的’m actually doing, but maybe with a softer light to try 和 evoke more of an atmosphere. But if I’m digging then that’s what I’m doing – what you see is what is happening 和 I hope that comes across. I want it to be an honest depiction 和 I hate the word but I want it to be authentic.
  15. Do you use Instagram的的/social media for design inspiration?:说实话,不是真的。我喜欢见人’s feeds from a colour 和 a cohesive stand point, but true inspiration I don’t really find there. This sounds silly, but social media is consumed in a way that is fleeting 和 at times you don’始终像吸收美丽的照片一样吸收它。我确实喜欢八大胜app可以清楚显示某人的供稿’s passion for something, 和 that comes through a very specific feed that is focused.
  16. Who are your favourite Instagram的的 accounts?: @arnemaynardgardendesign – a friend made through Instagram的的 和 an inspiration. @everyoutfitonsatc – it’s hilarious! @theeggliferich.
  17. 往前走?: To keep pursuing the dream of living upstate full time 和 building a creative business that helps people have beautiful spaces 和 to help those people learn new skills to make the spaces.
  18. When can we three come 和 visit you again? 😉 : All the time, always, whenever. I love you 和 your family being 这里.

  • 巴里’这个月的神话般的Design Sponge中也精选了美丽的家。 和er雄 这里.




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